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Uncensored Praying

Mark D. Roberts

I often want to censor what flows from my heart because it’s so messy.

In times of fearful desperation, I’ve wanted to cry out to God, “Rouse yourself! Why do you sleep, O Lord?” But then I catch myself. Of course God isn’t sleeping, I reason. He doesn’t need to wake up. Besides, who am I to say such things to the Lord?

So I end up with some insipid confession of God’s care for me, rather than the fearful and frustrated but altogether genuine cry of my heart.1

The Psalmist prayed this way:

“Get up, God! Are you going to sleep all day?
         Wake up! Don’t you care what happens to us?
Why do you bury your face in the pillow?
         Why pretend things are just fine with us?
And here we are—flat on our faces in the dirt,
         held down with a boot on our necks.
Get up and come to our rescue.
         If you love us so much, Help us! – Psalm 44:23-26 (Message)

Uncensored prayer may not be polite — but at least it’s heart honest, and that’s appreciated more by the one who counts and gets better results.

— fritz
1. Roberts, Mark D. (2010-06-18). No Holds Barred: Wrestling with God in Prayer (Kindle Locations 550-553). Random House, Inc.. Kindle Edition.

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