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What Can You Afford?

widowsmiteLeaving for another day the topic of where, the question of how much to give God is a major struggle point.

Jesus had a simple solution. Seeing a poor widow put two small coins into the offering he said,

“All these others made offerings that they’ll never miss; she gave extravagantly what she couldn’t afford” – Luke 21:4 (Message)

How much do you think you can afford to give God? Then give a bit more.

Can you afford to give God five (5) percent of your income? Good, give him six (6).

It will seem like a stretch at first, it’s supposed to, but eventually with God’s blessing you’ll be able to afford it. That’s the time to give eight (8) or ten (10) percent. When that becomes easy give fifteen (15).

There are those who give most of their income to God and live very well off the rest because God blesses a cheerful giver. They don’t do it overnight, just one bit more at a time than they can afford.


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