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We all do some stupid (May I use the term?) things.

Thinking back over personal experience I notice a primary source; we see it in Israel’s history, too.

Israel just finished clearing out their land of idolaters then some went home and did a stupid thing — they build a rival altar. That stirred everybody up! Had they not learned God takes a dim view of idolatry?! Their answer is telling,

We have … done it for fear” – Joshua 22:24

They were afraid of being excluded later so they built a copy of God’s altar. God did not tell them to do that.

How many bone-headed ideas do we come up with because of fear over one thing or another! God tells us not to fear but trust his care, obey his word, let Him be our wisdom.

You are partners with Christ … Jesus has become our wisdom sent from God, our righteousness, our holiness, and our ransom from sin. — 1st Corinthians 1:30 (God’s Word translation)

Prayer: Jesus, help me to act in faith, trusting in your presence and care, not in fear.

Sound Bite: Perfect love casts out fear (1st John 4:18)

— fritz@langgang.com
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