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“For to one is given by the Spirit … the interpretation of tongues” – 1st Corinthians 8a, 10e

There would be little need for this gift if the gift of tongues was unintended for public use.

When a message is given in tongues an interpretation is to be provided. In fact, if no one else steps up, the tongues speaker is to ask God to give him or her that interpretation.1

It should be noted this is not the translation but the Interpretation of Tongues. It will not, necessariliary, be word for word and should not be expected as such.

Like any of the other verbal gifts of the Holy Spirit, there will be an urge to express an inner stirring. The whole interpretation may not be given at once and is not required to begin. Speak what is given and quit when there is nothing more to express.

God’s NOT going to waggle your tongue for you – you always have the choice to respond or not. Feel the internal urge, like you have something to say though you may not know what it is, and say what you are given when there is opportunity.

We make it more complicated than it has to be [grin].

– fritz

1 – 1st Corinthians 14:13

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