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And he confessed, and denied not; but confessed, I am not the Christ. – John 1:20

I’m not the messiah. That should be obvious but sometimes I start acting as if I were — don’t you?.

Frank G. Honeycutt

Frank G. Honeycutt, Lutheran pastor and author, tells of attempts at rescuing a loved one from suffering, trying to work for justice and peace, striving to actually make a difference in complex problems only to discover “dark and evil powers that perpetuate selfishness, greed, and violence”.

There is a point any Christian reaches in their reflection and witness and disappointment where the most helpful thing to say is exactly what John said to his interrogators: “I am not the Messiah”

For those of us who’ve tried to be, there are few words as sweet.”1 – Frank G. Honneycutt

I know who IS the messiah — Jesus, and he can do all things.

1. Marry a Pregnant Virgin Unusual Bible Stories for new and Curious Christians by Frank G. Honeycutt, Augsburg Books 2008, page 27

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