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The Pharisees complained to Jesus, “Why do you go to the riff-raff and hang out with losers?”

“But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need not a physician, but they that are sick.” – Matthew 9:12

God picks losers.

Those who have failed miserably and often eventually recognize, if they are honest, it’s not because of bad breaks, other people, or because they weren’t given more control. There is freedom in that.

Losers are more likely to turn things over to the only one who never fails.

Losers are more likely to find the love of Christ, who’s acceptance isn’t based on success.

Losers are more likely to follow directions from the one who really knows what to do, more likely to know where any success comes from, and more likely to give credit where it’s due. They usually don’t try to defend their reputation much.

Fact is, we are all losers, there are some who just haven’t realized it yet.

– fritz

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Jesus’ View of Failure

And he cometh unto the disciples, and findeth them asleep, and saith unto Peter, What, could ye not watch with me one hour? – Jesus (Matthew 26:40)

How did Jesus handle the failures of his disciples? Sometimes with chiding and other times with teaching but always with mercy, grace, and understanding.

We see Jesus on his worst day needing his friends — but they just weren’t there for him. Far from rejecting them, he understood and later sent them out to change the world!

We fail, too. We fall asleep when we should be alert, we mess things up and sometimes do short-term damage to his causes, yet he understands. He sometimes chides our conscience, other times he sends us to relearn a lesson or two, but through it all he is tender, kind and understanding.

Like with his first disciples, he knows our failures are not final – he has his purposes for us, still.

What lessons have you learned of the tenderness of Christ for our failures?

– fritz@langgang.com

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